Flat Rate PC Repairs
“Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Repairman”

Has your computer become painfully slow?

Slow to the point that you can’t even use it?

Do web pages take forever to load?

Once loaded, do they mysteriously vanish?

Are you inundated with popup windows?

Did you know over 300,000 new malware samples are found each day?

Just by browsing your favorite sites, these insidious menaces are acquired and hidden
throughout your system and slowly eat away at what makes your “PC GO”!
This results in a dramatic reduction in system performance to the point your
computer becomes practically unusable!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Repairman to the rescue!

We specialize in:

•PC & Mac Repair & Troubleshooting
•Virus Detection & Removal
•Malicious Software, Spyware, & Pop-Up Ad Removal
•Computer Inoculation Service Packages
•Wireless Network Setup, Troubleshooting, and Repair
•Data Backup & Recovery
•Firewalls & Internet Security
•Hardware Upgrades
•Preventive Maintenance

Computer Repair Services

With the FlatRatePcRepairs exclusive “Web Shield Protection Plan” you’ll finally be able to surf the internet safely.
Our tried and tested protection service includes a Pop-up/Ad-ware Shield,
Windows Registry Protector,
and a Malicious Internet Worm Blocker.

Basic Computer Diagnostic and Repair:

This service includes:
•Full Computer Scan, Repair, and Protection Service
•Install and Configure Web-Safe Browser
•Install and Configure Industrial Strength Virus Software
– Drop Off Service   $99
– In Home Repair   $124

Premium Computer Diagnostic, Repair, & Inoculation:

This service includes:
•Install & Configure our Exclusive “Web Shield Protection Package”
•Deep Computer Scan, Repair, and Protection Service
•Install & Configure Web-Safe Browser
•Install & Configure Industrial Strength Virus Software
– Drop Off Service   $139
– In Home Repair    $164

Technology Services

FlatRatePcRepairs offers a wide variety of expert residential technology services including
Computer, Network, Security, Cloud, Home Theater, and Streaming Media Services.

Home Technology Services:

•New Wifi/Network Setup   $99 +up
•Wifi/Network Connectivity Troubleshooting   $129 +up
•Data Backup/Restoration Service $129 +up
•Computer Hardware Installation   $49 + Parts
•OS Install (customer provided software)   $99
•TV Wall Mounting Service••   $99 +up
•Home Theater / Streaming Media Setup   $99 +up

••Customer Provided TV & Mount up to 55″; Over fireplace mounting not included; Cable concealment service extra. (call for details)

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